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Music HunterZ is created on 25th Feb. 2012
Music HunterZ is one of the top collector of hit/best songs. We keep you updated with not only the best music but we provide you all of the new and old "Pahari/Himachali" songs. We also categorize the best of the Punjabi Music as well as Hindi songs, so whatever or whichever the event may be, Music HunterZ is the portal where you're find best songs, that is, totally free of cost. We do not charge you even a cent for that, it is all for free, and we're updating it consistently. If you are looking/searching for best website which keeps you updated with best music world. Then your search is complete now you need not to go anywhere else, just bookmark us and enjoy the music.


Our Mission is to Promote Our Pahari / Himachali culture at National Level. And Provide best Platform for those persons who are doing something creative for our culture.

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